Saturday, June 25, 2005

Garden of Historic Landmark The Marienhof

The Mariënhof Estate is a Historic Landmark. At the same time that the house was build in 1864, four beech trees and a chestnut were planted. Today the ancient trees, with their imposing character, tower proudly in the front garden.

When we bought the house in 1980, you could hardly speak of a garden. The terrain behind the house was not landscaped until 1987 after a design by Arend-Jan van der Horst. Clipped beech hedges protect the large flower beds; the same hedging is repeated in the side garden.

The rose garden which lies quite close to the house, features 16 varieties of high quality rose shrubs, planted in groups of 3 or 6, among which you'll find Peau Douce, Ingmar Bergman and Just Joey. Along the side, the heritage roses dominate. Among them Tuscany, Queen of Denmark and Versicolor. The rose garden is elegantly hedged with yews and, in the front, with box. Old trees, such as a chestnut and a Sophora japonica pendula, were present when we arrived, and mark the rose garden's boundaries.

Outside the rosarium, roses abound as well. You'll find Rosa robusta in the borders and Mozart, Graham Thomas and Smarty at the ends. Our favorite climbing roses are Bantry Bay and Frau Karl Durska.

The garden of the Mariënhof distinguishes itself mainly through its tall trees and extensive lawns. The main outline, apart from the beech trees, is marked by grouped yews, box and holly. Landscaping took place gradually. The last major job, undertaken in 1997, consisted of clearing an old orchard. We realized that we were creating more work for ourselves, once again, but in the end we were glad we did. All windows of the Marienhof overlook a garden that, each day anew, is a joy to contemplate.

Nowadays there are 38 different tree species/varieties on the estate. Beside those named above, there is the old apple tree "Zoete Kandij" (sweet sugar crystal), a beautiful Conference pear tree entwined with a Madame Plantier rose, a Liriodendron, that has already produced a few flowers, and our full size golden elm.

Those of you who like shrubs can get an idea of the growth and appearance of 78 different species or varieties, represented in our garden. This will allow you to choose the ones you might like to see in your own garden.

We've got many perennials. In the Spring you'll see wildflowers like the Star of Bethlehem, figwort and bluebells, while later on there are hostas, geraniums, ligularia, delphinium, gunnera and many others.

Visits by appointment only. Please ring 0229 201065 between 17:00 and 18:00 hrs.
Price Euro 2,50 (Group discount negotiable)
Owners: The Dijkema family, Dorpsstraat 24, Midwoud, Netherlands

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