Ghostwriter's Garden Shed

Five years ago I created the Tuin van Mariënhof garden blog for my friends Jeannette and Meinoud Dijkema. The idea took shape when I learned that they planned to open the gate to the garden of their monumental estate de Mariënhof to paying visitors. All they had at the time was a simple flier. That they would attract many more interested people if they had Internet presence was obvious. An avid gardener myself I derived great joy from finding relevant information to link to the posts I created from their email messages. Today, the total number of posts, including those I wrote on my own, is 270.

The goal, to create an effective Web presence has been reached. Even although hardly anyone leaves a comment, we know thanks to Feedjit (see right hand margin of blog) that people from all over the globe wind up at the virtual or real Mariënhof Garden

Whether browsers are looking for a picture of a hazelnut blossom, or architectural features inspired by the Acanthus —one of the subjects I wrote about with much pleasure— Google directs them to the blog of an estate garden in the countryside north of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile the Dijkemas have published their book (see "boek" in menu bar) about their garden and it's time for yours truly to focus on her other blogs and most important her own book series, a saga about art, nuts and love, plus gardening in different climates. For more about me click on the link.